August 27, 2002

Vera and Guido get hosed!

We discovered a while back that Guido loves hoses and sprinklers. This summer has been nice and warm, so we've taken the opportunity to "hose" him every once in a while. We've also discovered that Vera, too, likes to chase after the water, and that it's a great way to get her some needed exercise. (Helen, on the other hand, stays safely out of the way while all this nonsense takes place. She'll hop in the wading pool for a drink afterwards J).

So this afternoon we shot a few minutes of video to capture the fun. (As always, check out my notes on download speeds.) Click on any of the pictures to get the associated video.

First, we start with some sprints back and forth across the yard, chasing the water:

(3,168,260 bytes)

Then we follow with a few jumping jacks ... jumping at the hose nozzle of course:

(6,772,740 bytes)

Helen is fairly unimpressed with the whole affair:

(2,363,396 bytes)

And finally we wrap up with a little "face time":

(8,837,124 bytes)

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August 23, 2002

Balloon Landing

In front of our house!

As we were driving home this evening we were admiring a couple of hot air balloons in the skies above our neighborhood. As we got closer, we saw that one had put down about a half mile down the hill below us. But as we drove up to the house ... the other was setting down right in front!

So of course, I ran in the house and got the camera.

They actually set down on the street next to our house. (They now know that the front pasture is available in the future should they need it J). This shot is as I was walking down the front driveway.

They 'walked' the balloon down the street, away from the trees you see to the right in the lower photo here.

They came prepared with their van (for the balloon's passengers) and trailer for the balloon itself.

Quite the neighborhood event! Several of our neighbors came out to look, including one who happened to be walking his Belgian draft horse yearling.

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