July 20, 2002

Pacific Northwest Corgi Picnic 2002

Corgi Aid
Silent Auction!

$156 Raised!!!

Thank You!

A Great Time was had by all!

It was a warm & sunny July afternoon. Somewhere around 30 or more Corgwyn (& one not-a-Corgi), showed up, bringing at least as many hoomans for Bar-B-Que food & frapping fun!

A few of the pictures & video are below.

HELP! I didn't get as many photos as I would have liked. If you were there and have pictures you'd like to share: please email them to me, and I'll add some of them here.

First order of business: a run across the yard!

More folks arrived and the crowd, human and Corgwyn, starts milling about (look closely ... one of these dogs is not like the others :-):

It was a warm day ... so what better place to cool off than in the bushes!

Helen found shade, and company:

Jail was available, but everyone was so well behaved, that no one was incarcerated! That's not to say that some didn't wander in for a voluntary time-out:

Annika models with our not-a-Corgi guest, and friends:

Bobbing for weenies was perhaps the most popular event for Corgwyn and hooman alike:

Thanks to Karen Bunney for some of the photos above.

click or right-click on picture to view the video.

A note on download speeds

A look at part of the day's venue

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Bobbing for Weenies was popular!

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Did I say bobbing was popular? For Guido especially:

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A round of "musical sit-stay":

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