Kamloops Revisited

October 21, 2002

We were overdue for a return visit (our last was in 2000), so off we went in the RV for our longest trip in the "rolling doghouse" yet. These are some random snapshots.

This is a composite image showing part of the RV park we stayed at. Our RV is about 1/4 in from the left. The fields to the right were perfect for running the dogs around.

Here's a closer shot of our home away from home for the 4 nights we stayed (along with our rental car in front). The park was actually very quiet. Evidently a number of the visitors were from a work crew who had come into town for a temporary job at the local mill. We saw our neighbors very infrequently.

Guido making himself at home on our friend Shirlee-Ann's lap.

Kirstie, making herself at home on her mom's lap.

We spent a couple of comfortable afternoons on Shirlee-Ann's deck. If you look closely, you'll see Vera and Helen also enjoying the view.

The one and only - Cowboy. (More pictures of Cowboy here, for those interested - ZIP file, 203,412 bytes).

With us on the deck also, Cowboy tries to eat something bigger than his head.

We visited Kamloop's of-leash dog park. That's Kirstie in the center holding Cowboy as he gets inspected by a friendly Schipperke, and one of a pair of Schnauzers. Helen, in Kathy's arms on the left, was feeling just a little overwhelmed at this point.

Guido, on the otherhand, was very interested in the Schnauzers.

Vera spent much of her time simply looking regal ... she is Queen, after all.

Evening time at Shirlee-Ann's ...

Morning time in the RV.

On the way back we took a more scenic route out of Kamloops. This wetlands we stopped by is a duck preserve and viewing area.

The dogs "viewed" from the RV.