A Couple of Days in Port Townsend

February 14, 2003

As a short "mental health break" I took off on my own in the RV for a couple of days at Fort Worden State Park in Port Townsend, WA. Fort Worden sits at the corner of Admiralty Inlet, the entrance to Puget Sound.

This composite picture shows three things: in the center the Point Wilson lighthouse. On the far right, Mount Baker in the distance. On the left, just to the right of the structures ... my RV!

The same, from a slightly different angle. Here you can see the pier from which I took the first shot.

All the ships entering and leaving Puget Sound for ports such as Seattle, Tacoma and others, pass by here. So this was a typical view out the front window of the RV.

Here's a better shot of the lighthouse with someone else's RV in the foreground.

One of the big attractions is just walking on the beach. While it was very cold and a little breezy, I did manage to do a fair amount of just that. Several times a day, as a matter of fact. This view is towards the west from near the lighthouse.

Fort Worden was a just that, one of three Forts strategically placed at the entrance to Puget Sound to protect it from water borne attacks. In its heyday, it had upwards of 40 cannons in various positions. The shot above is of where one of the really big one's stood.

Up on top of the hill is this row of battlements. Something like 10 of the cannons were mounted up here in this row alone. For the record, while the Fort was active from the late 1800's through World War II, the canons were actually never used for anything other than practice.

I had to shoot this guy ... lots of little birds presumably eating bugs in the sand & surf as the tide came in (or went out, I can never tell).