July 27, 2003

A Day at the Beach

Sunday July 27th we decided to take the dogs out for some time in the water since they love it and the weather's been so hot.

We ended up at a small part near downtown Duvall, on the Snoqualmie River. This is looking down-stream and north. The bridge is the road between Duvall and Woodinville.

The dogs all love the water, Vera and Guido (in the back) the most. Helen, up front, is a little more tentative, but I think that's because of the rocky bottom that she couldn't see.

Guido in the water, and out.

With all that fur to trap air, Vera's butt was apparently also a floatation device.

What Vera truly enjoyed, though, was getting wet, and then rolling in the sand on the beach, again and again and again.

Vera, the happy mud-puppy.

They all enjoyed just walking around on the beach and exploring.

Or just sitting around.

The best part of the day, I'm sure, was the trip to Dairy Queen for ice cream. They were all VERY INTERESTED in what we were eating. And yes, they got their share.

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July 19, 2003

Pacific Northwest Corgi Picnic 2003

2003 Pacific Northwest Corgi Picnic!
July 19, 2003

Thanks to EVERYONE who showed up! We had a great time! We estimate around 20+ Corgwn, and at least as many hoomans attended.

$253.25 was raised for CorgiAid.

(Thanks also to the David Daugherty, Roni Haga, The Davises, and Joe for sharing their photos. If YOU have photos you'd like to share, please let me know!)

A busy venue!

Did someone say treats?

Sun, Shade and Water

The ever-popular, bobbing for weenies!

The wading pool was a big hit, both for the "weenie bobbing" competition, as well as just general relief from the heat.

Sometimes water needed to be applied more directly.

Paddington had a great time showing off his wheels.

Vera surveys safely from under the table. You know ... where the food is!

Timothy gives a little "face time".

Sometimes, if the treat doesn't come to you, you have to go to the treat...

"Drop the sandwich. DROP THE SANDWICH."

One of these is not like the others...

Sadie & Cen

Mischief, out running in the field.

Timothy and Cardi friends find the shade for a moment between runs.

Leo & Kathy & friends.

Caught, mid-run.

The horses next door caused a little excitement for some dogs who'd never seen 'em before!

We keep hearing about treats ... do you have any?

Hey, you're taking a picture of the wrong dog! (Mouse-over for effect.)

Relaxing in the shade.

At the end of a fun-filled & tiring time.


Click on image to view video.

A pan of the venue.
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Another pan of the venue - this time with a little begging thrown in.
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Corgis a'frappin'.
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Water Games
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Weiner Games
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