A Day at the Beach

July 27, 2003

Sunday July 27th we decided to take the dogs out for some time in the water since they love it and the weather's been so hot.

We ended up at a small part near downtown Duvall, on the Snoqualmie River. This is looking down-stream and north. The bridge is the road between Duvall and Woodinville.

The dogs all love the water, Vera and Guido (in the back) the most. Helen, up front, is a little more tentative, but I think that's because of the rocky bottom that she couldn't see.

Guido in the water, and out.

With all that fur to trap air, Vera's butt was apparently also a floatation device.

What Vera truly enjoyed, though, was getting wet, and then rolling in the sand on the beach, again and again and again.

Vera, the happy mud-puppy.

They all enjoyed just walking around on the beach and exploring.

Or just sitting around.

The best part of the day, I'm sure, was the trip to Dairy Queen for ice cream. They were all VERY INTERESTED in what we were eating. And yes, they got their share.