Corgis and Puppies

March 30, 2004

A visit to the breeder.

A visit to Vera, Helen & Guido's breeder who, six weeks earlier, had two bitches give birth to 16 puppies between them. With that many puppies, a visit was required.

This is maybe 1/3 of the adult dogs milling about. That's pretty much what goes on ... we sit on the floor (that's Kathy's foot), and the dogs just swarm around.

That's Phoebe guarding the box containing the treats we brought for the pack.

This looks like an ad for Crunchin' Bones. As you can tell, some are more insistant on getting theirs than others.

Then they said "Let's put Leo on the couch!"

I'm in there somewhere.

Out back with the puppies. No, there was no way to get a "group shot" of all 16.

Apparently fingers taste very good at this age.

Some are very mellow.

And some are very attentive.

And they're all just too cute.

10 of 16.

Worried mom & friends.

Chow time!

Quickly followed by nap time.

Did I mention they were too cute?

Meal time, followed by nap time, apparently followed by seconds-from-mom time.

Meanwhile, back in the house, the excitment had worn off.

Nap time for the adult dogs too.

Three generations: Vera (right), her daughter Ursula (left), and Ursula's son Herman (center). And Kathi Gangi trying to pose everyone.


All are in ".avi" format. Click on the picture to download and view.

Puppies do what puppies do best ... milling around. (7,105,298 bytes)

It's a bark! (6,826,762 bytes)

One shows us his scratch reflex. (6,040,284 bytes)

Chow time, and things get real quiet. (7,428,626 bytes)