Summer Frap

September 24, 2002

FRAP: Frantic & Random Acts of Play. The result of unleashing around 15 Corgwyn in the back yard.

The crowd begins to gather.

As always, the deck was a prime spot for Corgi attention. Of course, that's where the food was.

Did someone say food?

Albert gives Guido a little "face time".

Some needed that little bit of extra attention.

The deck wasn't the only activity spot.

Bobbing for popcorn. (Note Kathy holding back our two popcorn hogs.)

You're coming back from the bathroom, right?

Guido spent a little time in "jail".

The Cardigans showed up after everyone else left! Something about picking the kids up at school first? Priorities, people!

Stryker shows off his tail.

Nuff just shows off.

Nuff also shows off the "flying Corgi" position.

And our "honorary Corgi" for the day, Autumn.