Corgi Afternoon 2002

May 16, 2002

The days leading up to it were rainy and cold ... but the weather cleared for a sunny, warm and beautiful afternoon! Over 30 dogs from near and as far away as Ferndale (100 miles). A good time was had by all!

Each new arrival received a progressively larger escort:

On the deck, on the ground, in the pens ... Corgis everywhere!

How many Corgwn do can you count?

Kathi Gangi rewards Guido for a teeter well done:

The agility equipment was a big hit: (Thanks Sharon & Norm!)

Let's play follow the leader:

Especially when you motivate with food!

Did I say motivate with FOOD?

31 dogs is quite the pack, and disagreements are bound to arise. We rotated a few dogs through "puppy jail", either when the showed they needed a little rest, or as a preventative measure:

We also had an opportunity to catch Kathy with three generations: Vera (left), daughter Ursula (right) and grandson Bat Manuel (center):

Thanks to Sharon & Norm Olsen for some additional pictures.

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A quick look at the venue
- a shot panning from the yard, where the agility equipment would be set up, past the "jail", to the deck where the hoomans hung out a lot. (2,193,412 bytes)

A bit of a swarm
- as dogs get introduced and discover each other, and the yard. (2,514,948 bytes)

And a little bit of chaos
- as everyone got to know each other. (3,305,476 bytes)

At the jump
- and around the jump, and on the jump, and around the jump; almost anything but over! Note Gina and Rusty in the background, too - jumps are no problem for them! (5,089,284 bytes)

Jail time
- they're so attentive. Wonder what has their attention? Could it be ... food? (4,276,228 bytes)

Ace shows how it's done
- as Sharon Olsen takes him through a few of the obstacles. (2,598,916 bytes)