The RV

October 10, 2001

Our New Toy

Washington License Plate: CORGWYN.

Enough people have asked, so I thought I'd put together a page of pictures.

There it is. Our 1999 Safari Trek. It's a 24 foot Class-A motorhome. It sits on a Chevrolet truck chassis, with a 454 V-8 gas engine. You can read all about the 2003 Trek here if you want more of the specifications; a number of things have changed since then, but it'll give you a basic idea of what all the bells and whistles are.

More pictures:

A view from the rear toward the front. Behind the sink there is a fold-out couch, and you can see the two chairs on the right with the flip-up table between them. Both the passenger and driver's side seats rotate. To the extreme right you can see the refrigerator.

There's the kitchen area. The counter in the foreground flips up for more space. That's a gas stove top, and a microwave convection oven above.

The bathroom. It's a little hard to see, but that's a shower stall on the right. What you can't see is all the additional storage on the left; lots of room over there.

One thing you don't see above is the bed. (It's not the couch.) That's because the bed actually drops down from the ceiling on this one:

That's a shot standing in the kitchen, looking forward with the bed down. It's a full sized queen. Raising and lowering is motor driven. It's one of the ways that they were able to make this fairly short RV feel roomy.

And, finally, as we drive away, this is what you'll see:

Safari paints several different pictures on the back of all their coaches. Ours has, appropriately, some northwest wildlife: a couple of bears, a cougar and a wolf.