A Corgi Afternoon

July 12, 2001

The first!

A sunny afternoon, and an impromptu gathering of Corgi owners we've met on-line. (Thanks Kris for starting this!)

The deck was the place to be for most of the afternoon:

Why? 'cause that's where the goodies were!

'round and 'round they went:

Did someone say goodies?

Corgi's & legs, Corgi's & legs...

One of the afternoon's stars was Rusty:

Vera, on the other hand, wasn't too sure about all these strange invaders:


We moved out to the back on the lawn for a while and while there I got the following:

Your hosts, the Three Amigos (or more commonly, the Three Stooges) tended to hang out with each other. (1,929,220 bytes)

A quiet moment...until Siri zooms by, Rusty gets into the act, and all must follow! (5,257,220 bytes)

A Corgi-Level view of the group relaxing...until Betsy decides to bark at a "figment", and all must follow! (6,676,484 bytes)