Guido's Kids

June 19, 2001

and more!

updated July 8, 2001

First a bit of background. Earlier this year, our male, Guido, was bred to a lovely female, named Angel. Here's Angel towards the end of the resulting pregnancy:

Angel delivered four healthy pups, but unfortunately there were complications and Angel did not survive.

Here's the kids at 2 weeks:

And again at about 3 weeks:

Evidently after a very tiring session of "real food" (gruel) for one of the first times. A gruel-ing day.

So today we visited, and they were doing something other than sleeping!

They like chins.

And feet.

And looking cute.

Come in and play!

'cause then I can chew on you!

Ma, this isn't very comfortable...

A couple of days later, we also received this group shot of the puppies at 5 weeks:


To be totally honest, sometimes as they waddle around their pen, they look to me like a cross between a guinea pig and a potato. You decide.

While we were there, there were pups from another litter (of 9!) that are about a month older. They got to play outside with the adults!

For some reason, hairy legs were very interesting.

So were toes.

7 of 9

There's a stick in there somewhere they're trying not to share.

Those little ones inside aren't nearly as cute as we are, are they?

July 9, 2001 Update!

We got this in the mail today:

The pups at 7.5 weeks!

(download no faster than about a minute and a half per megabyte over the internet - see my note on download speeds for more details)

These guys are the most fun in motion. We had some opportunities to play outside...

No, no puppies escaped with us, but...

This is Helen. She came home with us for a few days, a few weeks, or who knows :-).