An Afternoon With Corgis & Puppies

July 01, 2000

Kathy once again lands in Corgi Heaven




Kathy's definition of Corgi Heaven:

But then, who could resist these faces?

Sometimes, a little encouragement was needed for those "posed" shots:

and sometimes, just a funny noise will get all ears perked up:

Vera, much to her distaste, had a bit of a "following":

Corgi puppies are evidently good to chew on...especially if you're another Corgi puppy:

Being puppies, play hard, and you sleep hard:

Some, harder than others:

Soon it was time to go, and puppies went back to their accommodations (much to Vera's relief):

Inside, Phoebe kept watch on the rest of the herd:

NEW: Phoebe yodels. There's really no other way to describe it, she rarely barks, but rather ...well...yodels. Click here for an audio clip.(35,542 bytes). And here's some video of Phoebe in action! (4,702,390 bytes)

While the rest of the herd checked out a tasty bone, larger than they were: