The Pothole


There's simply no fair way to divide the cost. I figure there could be as many as 12 residences "affected" by this to varying degrees. It's the varying degrees part that make it difficult. So I'll leave it up to you. If you'd like to help recoup the cost, send me a check for whatever you feel is your fair share. I'll appreciate whatever you feel like contibuting. And for the record, if you're not happy with the work, you're also free to pay nothing.

Thank you to those who've contributed already. It's much appreciated.

NOTE: (Updated 23-May-2007) I spoke to John with Harms this morning, and probably within a couple weeks when they're in the neighborhood they'll:

  • Add more of a lip in front of the mailboxes so everyone doesn't drop off the edge of the new pavement when they pull over and stop to get their mail.
  • Either add gravel, or feather out some more asphalt to mitigate the abrupt edge created on the south side of 176th Ave.

Before After
pothole before pothole after

And, of course, the bill:

Harms Bill

Drop me an email (leo<at> with any questions.


Leo Notenboom