September 19, 2000


The drive to Kamloops from Gifford was probably about as long as the drive from Seattle to Gifford in the first place. There were many beautiful sights along the way, and we took time to stop for only a couple.

Just over the border, a view of the Kettle river:

Much of the drive up was surrounded by gorgeous scenery like this.

Guido's favorite position for this trip, by the way, was passenger-side lap-dog::

The photo doesn't do it justice, but the waters of Lake Kalamalka were a beautiful shade of blue-green:

And of course, the obligatory "hotel room view" shot from our room in Kamloops:

As you can see it was fairly hazy, but also very warm...much warmer than we were expecting, to be frank. It was in the 80's (27C +) most of the time we were there.

Home sweet home:

The trip home was rainy, but very much a straight-shot. We stopped at Kathy's mom's, where the flowers were still in bloom:

For us, a long trip, but a very enjoyable one.

September 19, 2000

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September 18, 2000

Gifford, on the way to Kamloops

Here are some photos from our trip to visit friends in Gifford, Washington, and Kamloops, B.C. Canada

Gifford is WAY over in eastern Washington state, about half way up Lake Roosevelt. The 6 hour drive over I-90 turns north and heads up the east side of the lake. Along the way we pass by Soap Lake:

That's actually a state park towards the left-front. Just a few miles up the road from there is Dry Falls. (Sorry no pictures.)

Our friends built their home in Gifford, however while that was happening, this was home:

The view from just above the now completed home:

That's Lake Roosevelt in the background. Their extremely comfortable home is actually built into the hillside to the right. We had beautiful weather during our visit, and enjoyed sitting on the deck in front of their chiminea at sunset looking at the view.

Our accommodations were above the garage. Again, wonderfully comfortable and spacious:

New: For those of you with bandwidth, here's an movie that shows the area very well. It's 12,210,070 bytes in size.

The dogs definitely enjoyed their role as "chief alarm clocks"'s Vera in the middle of performing that duty:

We took a short hike into the hills WAY above the site and captured this panorama:

If you look really really close about 1/8th in from the left, you'll see the house, garage and cars:

Behind us at that altitude were some beatiful, rolling hills, and a view looking southwest to Lake Roosevelt:

The dogs, of course had a great time wandering the trails with our guests:

And doing what they do best...looking & asking around for food:

Not everyone was pleased with the dogs visit, though:

We had a chance to spend a few hours at the beach at lake Roosevelt:

Where the dogs continued to practice their skills getting food:

Finally it was time to move on to Kamloops...

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