October 30, 2004

A couple of photos from Pittsburgh

Literally a couple. Between my head cold and the intensity of the conference I was attending, I didn't take many shots.



This 180-degree panorama (a stitch of 6 photos) was taken near the "bottom" of the park in Pittsburgh where the Allegheny River (coming in from the right and filling most of the frame) and the Monongahela River (coming in from the left) join to form the Ohio River (which is flowing away from this shot underneath the bridge in the distance on the left).

On the far right of this photo you can see our hotel - it's the building immediately in front of the skyscraper that looks like a castle turret. Two sporting venues are visible: Heinz field is directly in front of us, and PNC Park can be seen underneath the right-hand bridge.

The full resolution photo is 10,883 x 1,352, and is 2.5 meg in size if you want a closer look at any of that.

The Incline

In the photo above on the left you can also see the Pittsburgh Incline, the trolley cars that travel up and down the steep hill. Here's a closer shot, while the two cars were passing each other mid-route:


Click on that for the full size shot. Extracted from that, here's a close-up of the cars: