Snow Day 2001

February 16, 2001

The ruler put out in the back yard:

Closeups (English & Metric):

And the backyard:

The house itself:


Here's a shot out the bedroom of the front pasture & driveway:

Bouncing Corgis!

The snow was up to back-height on Vera, and pretty close to the same on Guido. So the only way they really had to move was to hop. And hop they do...they love the snow.

Here's Vera in motion:

And Vera followed by Guido (who's smart enough to follow the already-plowed path):

And of course, Guido, out standing in his field:

Vera did decide that it was easier to hang out underneath the tree:

Guido enjoyed it, can tell by the snow on his muzzle:

HOWEVER...Corgis in motion are the only way to really appreciate their fun...and struggle...

A good example of Vera hopping. (911,276 bytes)

Guido going after a ball, while Vera hops along in the background (1,822,052 bytes)

A good example of Guido hopping (2,491,858 bytes)