A Couple of Nights Away

August 25, 2007

A much needed couple of days away from home.

In part a "dry run" of a new pet boarding accommodations for a trip next month, and in part just because we needed to, we ran off to The Salish for a couple of nights. That's the hotel poised just above Snoqualmie Falls, pictured at left.

As you can see, we weren't alone. It's a popular scenic touristy place.

As we were returning from a quick shopping trip into North Bend, we stumbled into these fellows. On the right is Mount Si, but on the left? A herd of Elk.

I actually counted about 50 of them. Needless to say traffic was messy as people stopped to take pictures. (LOTS of cell phones were waving about.). The reason it's surprising is that, really, we're only about a 1/2 hour or 45 minutes on the freeway out of downtown Seattle. Pretty surprising to see them that close.

On return to our room, we were in for a surprise:

A good friend, who knew we were taking this trip, arranged for champagne, and strawberries dipped in chocolate to be waiting for us in our room! One of Kathy's dolls was all over that in a flash. OK, so was Kathy. And me too. Thanks Cindy! <hic>

Now, some of you will gag, others will just shake your heads, but there's no denying we are who we are. It wasn't long before the table in our room looked like this:

Let's face it ... doll shop customers wait for no one. :-)