Washington D.C.

October 16, 2006

A quick trip to the capitol while I was on a trip to Baltimore.

A handful of pictures from my quick visit to Washington D.C.

The Capitol Building
The nose of my rental car in front of the U.S. Capitol - good parking, eh?

The Lincoln Memorial
From across the refecting pool, the Lincoln Memorial

Abraham Lincoln
Abe - larger than life (and larger than expected).

The View from the Lincoln Memorial
This is what Abe gets to look at. That's the Capitol building hiding behind the Washington Monument.

World War II Memorial
The fountains at the World War II Memorial

World War II Memorial - Europe
D-Day and Europe at the World War II Memorial

The Whitehouse
No visit is complete without a picture of the Whitehouse, but I was surprized by how hidden it is among the trees from this side.

You can also see pictures and read my reflections on the Vietnam Memorial.