A Return to Pacific Beach

May 21, 2006

It had been a year and a half since we'd taken the RV anywhere but to visit family.

The beach
That's a roughly 180 degree panorama of Pacific Beach.
Click on the pic for the full-size 14,591x1420 pixel version.

In that shot Our RV is fourth from the right. And yes, the beach really is that wide and spacious. It's great for taking the dogs out and about.

Jerome getting a snoot-full
The dogs love it. This is Jerome doing what they all did a fair amount: just stopping and inhaling deeply. We did the same.

Poking around on the beach
There was a lot of this too: just poking around and investigating.

Guido & Jerome
Guido sniffing and watching, and Jerome looking on.

Something Interesting
Something must be interesting...

Coming and Going
Jerome, Guido and Helen - coming and going.

Fetch the Stick
Sticks to be fetched, and dogs to be herded.

Guido looking for the ball, with assistance.
Guido looking for the ball, with assistance.

Jerome getting into the excitement.

All on the beach
Everyone on the beach on the last day.


Videos are all in "avi" format, and range from about 2 to 4 megabytes in size.

Fetching the stick
Guido takes a tumble as he fetches the stick. With help, of course.

Three Amigos
The three of them, off exploring.

There are more pictures and videos, specifically of Guido in and out of his cart, on this page: Guido at the Beach.