January 15, 2006

A small setup for doll shop and eBay photos.

We'd always had trouble getting good photos of things for the doll shop - manufacturer's are often not quite internet-savvy, and don't make photos available that are appropriate for web use. That, and the fact that there's a bunch of eBay selling in our future, caused me to finally break down and set up a small mini-studio in the basement:

The big thing is all about lighting, so aside from dedicating the space, those two studio lights with light boxes are the real "investment". The other challenge is background material, which we're still playing with. That's white poster board up there now.

Here's one great example shot:

That's 1/4 size - click on it for full 2272x1704 goodness.

Here's a version of that same photo after a friend did some PhotoShop magic on it (magic I need to learn):

That, and the others below, were all taken with my Canon G2.