Our New Boy: Jerome (and some hosing)

July 23, 2005

We were a dog short, and our breeder had a few too many males at home. The result? Our newest resident: Jerome!


Jerome's a 5 year old mail Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Son of Melvin, and father to Albert (the biggst Corgi we know!), Jerome is a teddy bear of a dog, and one of the sweetest easiest to get along with fellows we know.


He's a retired show dog, and has a registered name an arm long, as well as an alphabet of letters that follow it, but that's not what we're about ... here he's a pet. He's Jerome.

Jerome, Guido and Helen
Jerome, Guido and Helen

So there's the family: the new guy, Jerome; the old man, Guido; and Helen, the Queen. Everyone gets along pretty well, except if Jerome, by accident, bumps into Guido the wrong way. Then Guido feels the need to remind Jerome that Guido's the boss.

So, after a Guido takes a light snack of some grass:

Guido eating grass
Guido snacking on grass

We broke out the hose, and let everyone have a romp. These videos are a right around 7 megabytes in size, an in AVI format so they should work on most Windows machines.

That's typically Guido in the lead, he's an absolute hose maniac, with Jerome following and barking he head off. (Jerome's debarked, so it sounds like he needs a cough drop, but he doesn't care.) Helen spends most of her time doing laps around the outside of the action and grumbling the entire time.

After the hose festivities it's time to roll around on the grass:

Guido rolling
Guido's post-hose roll

Jerome rolling
Jerome's post-hose roll

And time for a drink:

Helen drinking
Helen's post-hose drink

Then of course it's time to refill the water buckets, and you-know-who is ready for more:

Guido running in
Guido heard the hose ... watch out!

Guido likes to stick his head in the bucket, and Jerome encourages from the sidelines:

Jerome and Guido at the bucket
Jerome and Guido at the bucket

Watch out, though ... sometimes the sprayer "accidently" strays:

Jerome gets a face full
Jerome gets a face full