The Ramp

May 12, 2004

How a short dog gets on a tall bed.

The ramp is essentially a 6 foot long 3/4x10" particleboard shelf, wrapped in carpet (which is staple-gunned to the underside). The riser is some left over oak cut as you see, and screwed together and onto the sides of the ramp. It's about 23 inches high at the end.

It's a big success. Vera (the oldest) uses it to come down, which was our goal, though she still jumps up onto the bed by herself after a try or two. Helen (the youngest, but who can't see well) used it from the moment it was in place. Guido (pictured above) still prefers the "wild flying leap" to get on and off the bed, especially when it's time to wake up whoever happens to be asleep at the time.