Ice, Ice, Baby!

January 07, 2004

After the snowfall of the previous days, some warmer air moved in and it began to rain some. However things were still cold enough on the surface that the rain froze, giving us an unusual mini ice storm. Power and telephone interruptions accompanied the event, as ice-laden branches fell onto power lines.

The front of the house. Notice how all the trees are leaning forward with the weight of the ice.

A particularly pretty ice-covered tree in the back of our home.

Saint Francis normally offers birdseed, but today's menu was only snow, ice and icicles.

The birds were still able to use this feeder, with its protective icicle bars.

The Honda's been parked outside lately, and received a protective layer of ice overnight.

The satellite dish got its share.

As did the back pasture fence.

Some of the more beautiful visuals were up close, such as this ice-covered branch. (Note the branch lying on the ground at the bottom of the photo as well. The ice storm was also Mother Nature's way of pruning - there are many broken branches all over.)

Needles at the end of a branch from from one of the shrubs.

Frozen flower buds.