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July 21, 2001

Corgi Picnic 2001

Thanks to Sylvia Berni for allowing us all to descend on her home! We had upwards of 15 or more Corgis and their associated people-friends in attendance on this overcast, but dry, Saturday afternoon in Kirkland.

Corgis & People, People & Corgis.

Did someone say TREATS?


I'm sure there are TREATS around here somewhere!

We had our own little "agility" competition. Paddington & Rusty, came in #1 & #2, both showing "the power of The Fluff!". Pictured here is Betsy with Ladybug.

Part of the "agility" portion was to put on a couple of items of clothing while doing the course. This is Missy with socks & a hat, looking very undisturbed by it all.

We also enjoyed a "musical chairs" like game of musical Corgis.

There was also a "hotdog race", which involved tossing a hotdog, and having your dog retrieve it without eating it first. Here we see a demonstration of what really happened to all of the hotdogs. Every dog was happy to bring it back ... inside their stomach. These are Corgi's afterall.

After all that work, a good romp & ball chase was required.


A pan of our comfortable venue for the afternoon. (2,793,476 bytes)

Corgis (& kids) always stay where they're supposed to, right? Then what about the upper garden? (3,606,532 bytes)

Corgis are such nice, quiet dogs. Right? (1,851,396 bytes)

Scratches & Laps - The best way to spend the afternoon. (4,263,940 bytes)

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July 12, 2001

A Corgi Afternoon

The first!

A sunny afternoon, and an impromptu gathering of Corgi owners we've met on-line. (Thanks Kris for starting this!)

The deck was the place to be for most of the afternoon:

Why? 'cause that's where the goodies were!

'round and 'round they went:

Did someone say goodies?

Corgi's & legs, Corgi's & legs...

One of the afternoon's stars was Rusty:

Vera, on the other hand, wasn't too sure about all these strange invaders:


We moved out to the back on the lawn for a while and while there I got the following:

Your hosts, the Three Amigos (or more commonly, the Three Stooges) tended to hang out with each other. (1,929,220 bytes)

A quiet moment...until Siri zooms by, Rusty gets into the act, and all must follow! (5,257,220 bytes)

A Corgi-Level view of the group relaxing...until Betsy decides to bark at a "figment", and all must follow! (6,676,484 bytes)

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